$22.15 for a Fridge Ionizer - Increases Food Longevity!

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Product Description & Details
Fridge Ionizer
  • Instantly fill the refrigerator with O3, which has extreme sterilization force and kills escherichia coli, pseudomonas aeruginosa, and other microorganisms on food & fruit with a rate of more than 95%
  • Use ozone to get rid of various odor and smells, delay food spoilage, oxidatively decompose pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables, and eliminate their toxicity
  • Smart & automatic circular motion for regular sterilization operation
  • Working indicator light flashes every 3 seconds, and every 10 seconds when in standby mode
  • Delicate style can be perfectly integrated in any refrigerator, shoe cabinet, bathroom, wardrobe, and more

How to Use:

  1. Open the battery cover at the bottom, install 4 x AAA batteries (not included), and press the ON/OFF button. If the indicator light flashes green every 3 seconds, the product begins to work.
  2. Press the MODE button to switch the functions -
    • Mode 1: Press MODE button and the indicator light shows green, the product works for 30 mins, then switches to circulate every 4 mins, and completely stops after 2 hours.
    • Mode 2: Press MODE button and the indicator light shows yellow, the product works for 20 mins, then switches to circulate every 3 mins, and completely stops after 1 hour.
  • Note: Please choose mode 2 for strong odors. Place product on the highest shelf of the fridge; ozone is heavier than air and it will automatically sink and diffuse. Do not put the product in the freezer.
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